07 February 2012

A Brief Look at the Lambretta LN125

A few weeks ago, while on the way back from my weekly grocery shopping with the family, I decided to make a quick detour and head towards Bikeworld.
The shop is (officially) the local sole distributors for Vespa scooters (except that they don't sell the PX...?), LML and now the new Lambretta as well. I had seen the ads on the new LN125 but never had the chance to take a look at it myself so, I used an old excuse (I desperately needed to get some 2-stroke oil for my Vespa or else it would explode!) and managed to convince the wife to agree to the quick visit.

Something tells me she knows I'm not telling the whole truth but plays along with me anyway when scooters are involved.

At just a couple hundred Euro below the 5,000 mark the Italian-designed, Taiwan-built Lambretta certainly isn't cheap especially for a 125cc scooter. One might argue that there's a premium to pay for the retro design and very unique badge but, it's even more expensive than a Vespa LXV125 which can be purchased brand-new for €4,250 (at the same shop too).

It gets even worse when compared to LML's new offering (well in Ireland anyway) - a 200cc 4-stroke PX lookalike for under €4,000. OK, it's an LML and not a Lambretta so we're comparing apples and oranges here but surely the 75cc difference in engine size makes up for what many see as a downgrade in badges?

Still, I'd be very keen on this Lammie (it is after all, a Lambretta) and hopefully, I'd get a chance to give it a test drive before I come to any final conclusions.

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